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    Kaizen Central Kaizen Central is a weekly gathering of manufacturers and friends to discuss issues of importance to the sector, to listen to expert guests and to share knowledge and expertise. We say we meet each week in the spirit of community and 'continuous improvement', which is the customarily accepted translation of the Japanese word Kaizen. Anyone is free to join, or watch the meeting live. Every Thursday at 6pm. And as we roll out tutorials for SME manufacturers, based on the clusters of expertise within our group, these will be accessible here. REGISTER MEMBERS HUB WATCH LIVE LEARNING


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    Industry Hubs This is where we showcase some of the best products and services available to UK manufacturing. ​ We are growing the content for these hubs as we develop our business. ​ They will include: ​ Digital Adoption; Leadership & Workforce; Sales & Marketing; Finance & Management Supply Chain & Logistics. ​ If you have products that would slot into these channels - or would like to suggest another one - please contact Neil Hartley ​ Our first hub in development is Skills & Training. SKILLS & TRAINING


    Kaizen Masterclass Members of the Kaizen Central Members Hub constitute some of the finest minds in manufacturing and support services. ​ Consistent with the sense of community and collaboration that lies behind our weekly meetings, clusters of experts within the membership have asked to create short video presentations for use by SME manufacturers who may be time-poor and who would welcome some easily-accessed, easily-digested advice on a range of topics, all aimed at improving the health of our sector. ​ The first series is in production and offers advice on Sales, Marketing and Advertising. ​ Coming soon!


    Photography Click here to see these photographs in full Below are two of his award-winning works. Adrian discusses the shoots in his own words: ​ Shoot for DuPont and Winner of 2018 EEF Photo Competition ​ Severfield plc is the largest structural steel specialist in the UK. Each week its Dalton site in North Yorkshire processes up to 1,000 tonnes of steel, all bound for projects across the United Kingdom. Among the many iconic buildings reliant on Severfield steel are The Shard, The Excel exhibition centre and Wimbledon's centre court. When painters at the site wanted a protective coverall that was lightweight and would allow them to work comfortably throughout their 10-hour shifts they turned to DuPont Protection Solutions. This photograph illustrates the painting process whereby the painter is protected by a Tyvek suit created by DuPont Personal Protection. Shoot for Atlas Copco and Winner of 2017 EEF Photo Competition ​ Atlas Copco are a manufacturer of air systems. They develop innovative sustainable solutions that create value for their customers in more than 180 countries. Atlas Copco’s expertise is in compressors, vacuum solutions and air treatment systems, construction and mining equipment, power tools and assembly systems. On this particular commission, Atlas Copco had installed two compressors at the site works of Natural Stone Surfaces at Chapel en le Frith. Natural Stone Surfaces are a leading supplier of bespoke granite, marble, quartz and semi-precious stone work surfaces throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe. Their role is to source high quality stone and cut worktops and surfaces for up market kitchens. Since water is used throughout all stages of cutting and polishing the stone, electrical tools cannot be used. Hence air powered tools are used. Atlas Copco supply the air systems for the workshop to function. Two exterior compressors deliver the necessary air throughout the factory which activates both hand tools and large scale cutting and handling machinery. This photograph demonstrates the working conditions, the activity involved in the process and the craftsman ship required to polish a stone surface. ​ Photography on this site is by Adrian Waine , the award-winning industrial photographer. ​ We invited Adrian to use our site to showcase his wonderful talents because we wanted to demonstrate how visual media - which is, after all, what we do too! - can enhance, and even change, one's understanding of manufacturing. ​ This is from his website: ​ Adrian Waine is a location photographer in Cheshire. He was formerly with Saudi ARAMCO in The Middle East and arranged photography in some of the world’s largest oil installations. ​ Sensational photographs will help any company present their goods and services to the market place by provoking attention and engaging potential clients. Creating interest with tantalizing pictures will add value to your company, enhance your profile, raise money for your shareholders and build your reputation. They are a business magnet. He regularly takes assignments from manufacturers and is accomplished at working in process industries which can sometimes be dangerous and hostile. Hence, his experience has attracted commissions from major players including Rolls-Royce Industrial Power, Air Products and Joy Global. ​ Adrian can be contacted at +44(0)151 356 3855 or by emailing him. and you can learn more about what he has to offer on his website.


    Leadership & Workforce Hub Content coming as we develop the site. ​ Do you have a story about leadership and workforce management you want to share with our manufacturing audience? ​ Contact Neil Hartley on ​ ​